The People's Party

A message from Drew Ivers, Chair, Iowa Campaign for Liberty

January 20, 2010

Dear Fellow Iowan,

You got to love being in Iowa during the Presidential Caucuses.  Lots of media, Presidential candidates and a chance to help influence history.

But what happens this Saturday is just as important to the cause of freedom as the Presidential Straw poll.  Sure it doesn’t have all the media attention that we will get in two years, but it's just as vital.

You see, by going to the GOP caucus meeting this Saturday at 1PM you get to be part of selecting the people who will run the Presidential caucus in two years.

Two years ago, our local Republican Parties wouldn’t let us close to the leadership because we supported Ron Paul.  Today, we have Campaign For Liberty patriots running for county central committees, county chairs, and even for the state central committee.  Why?  Because the local GOP is so starved for people to participate when the Presidential campaigns are done.

This is the time to get involved.

You may have seen the GOP establishment working to silence the voice of those of us who are tired of business as usual politics two years ago.  Way too many members of the “political class” want to ignore the constitutional limits of government power and want to use the system to help themselves to more of your tax dollars.

So how do you stop it?  By becoming the “new establishment.”  Did you ever think about how come the wrong people are in charge?  It’s because they showed up and we didn’t.

On Saturday, January 23 at 1PM you can help change that.

    • Go to your GOP caucus meeting at 1PM this Saturday (you can find out where you caucus will happen at (
    • When you go to the caucus, be sure to become a delegate to the GOP County convention. This is vitally important.  The County Convention is where some very important decisions are made.
    • I will send you a special link Saturday to let Iowa CFL know if you were able to attend and to find out if you are a county delegate.

SPECIAL NOTE – You don’t have to presently be a registered Republican to participate. Iowa has same day registration. That means if you are:

    • Not currently registered to vote, or
    • Not currently registered as a Republican, but
    • You are eligible to vote (18 yrs old by November 2, 2010, live in that precinct, and a citizen of Iowa) THEN
    • YOU CAN BE PART OF THE CAUCUS (you just register Republican at the caucus).

Please understand the Campaign For Liberty is not a partisan organization.  Please don’t feel like you have to be a Republican to be a member.  But I know that you want to make sure that pro-liberty ideas are promoted, and this is a good way to advance the cause of freedom.  If enough of us participate in this process then we can make sure that the pro-Liberty message is heard at the 2012 Republican Presidential Caucus.


Drew Ivers,
Chair, Iowa Campaign for Liberty

P.S. This Saturday, January 23 at 1PM, please invest some time to advance the cause of liberty by attending your local GOP caucus (go to to find out where your caucus will be held).  It is very important that you become a delegate to the county convention while you are there.

If you have any questions, please be sure to email me at