The People's Party


September 2009
Our Mission is to Elect Republicans
Central Committee Officers:
Joe Van Ginkel – Chair: 515-981-9497
Paul Millhollin – Treasurer: 641-728-4706
Ron Kepford – Co Chair: 515-462-4953
Betty Gustafson – Secretary 515-981-0212
Central Committee Notes: Focus thislast Quarter has been on organizing and participating in various fund raising events: the Omelet Feed, County Fair, and RAGBRAI. Along the way, we had some fun, including the Macksburg International Skillet Throw and various County parades. And we’ve managed to do some rabble-rousing, too (tea parties and town hall meetings). We will be working on a float for the Covered Bridge festival in October. Contact Joe Van Ginkel if you would like to help out.    Guests at our monthly Committee meetings included Julian Garrett, candidate for State Representative and Dave Jamison, potential candidate for State Treasurer.  As we near the January 23, 2010 caucus (yes, it’s that time again!), we will be hosting many more candidates at our meetings. The Central Committee cannot endorse any specific candidate in contested races until after the Primary, but welcomes all Republican candidates to meet with us to introduce themselves. Elections for members of the Central Committee will be held at the caucus. Now is a good time to look at your calendar to see if you are available to be on our Committee for the upcoming two years. Meetings are the first Monday of the month, 7:00 pm, at the Winterset Chamber of Commerce Building. We are in the process of revamping our website. The new website address is: Be sure and check it out. Our website committee, Heather Stancil, Craig Milligan, Ron Driskill, and Patricia Nicklaus, have done a fantastic job of designing it.  If you are on my e-mail list, you have been receiving informational e-mails regarding activities and relevant topics. If you are not currently on my e-mail list and would like to receive these e-mails, please let me know at:
The Official Corner: Republican office holders include: Jodi Tymenson, State Representative; Joan Acela, County Supervisor; Steve Raymond, County Supervisor; Lisa Smith, County Recorder; and G. JoAnn Collins, County Treasurer. Jodi will not be seeking re-election as our State Representative.  Things you should know from the Madison County Treasurer's Office: Remember, it's called a "handicap parking permit", not a "handicap driving permit".  Make sure you don't have the placard hanging from your rearview mirror when you're driving---it may obstruct your vision and cause an accident.  But, don't forget to hang it from your mirror after you park but before you leave your vehicle.  If you sell, junk, or trade a vehicle, remember to return the plates to our office for refund or deletion processing unless you plan to use the plates on a different vehicle within 30 days.
Madison County Republican Women: The next meeting will be held on September 19 at the Winterset Public Library. There will be a business meeting at 9:30 with election of Officers. A soup luncheon will follow the Business Meeting. If you would like to belong to the Madison County Republican Women, please send a check for $20.00 to our Treasurer, Mary Hart, 319 W. Filmore, Winterset, IA 50273.
Around the County: 
Conservative Breakfast Club: Ron Driskill has been busy scheduling Guest Speakers for the Conservative Breakfasts, which are the third Saturday of the month, 9:00 am at the Northside Café in Winterset. Guest speakers this quarter have included: June 20, Jim Kurtenbach, Iowa Republican Party Co-Chair; July 18: State Senator Brad Zuan; and August 15: John Shaull, Director of Missions, Metro Baptist Association. On September 19, Tim Albrecht, publisher of, will be speaking about “How Conservatives Can Embrace the Media and Internet to Get Their Message Out”. On October 17th, our guest Speaker will be Greg Baker, past President of the Young Republicans. Reservations are encouraged. If you would like to attend, contact Ron Driskill, 515-462-6840 or e-mail me by noon the Thursday prior to the meeting. Contact Ron if you have a specific topic you are interested in discussing and/or guest speakers you are interested in hearing.  
Macksburg International Skillet Throw: We had two teams at the Skillet Throw: Team 1-Joe Van Ginkel, Stan Gustafson, Steve Raymond, David Trapp, and Julian Garrett; Team-2 Duane Crispin, Jarod Scott, G. JoAnn Collins, Betty Gustafson, Vicki Jackson and one sub: A. Nonymous. Team 2 was 4 points from a perfect score (0).   G. JoAnn sang the National Anthem and Stan Gustafson assisted in the flag raising.
Omelet Feed on Lawn Chair Night: There were many willing hands to put up the tent and help with the cooking of the omelets, including Ron Driskill, Carla Driskill, Craig Milligan, Ron Kepford, Ken Callison, Kathy Raymond, Jim Stalcup, Bob Witt, Adam Witt, Julian Garrett, Bob Kaldenberg, Joe Van Ginkel, Paul Millhollen, and Allison Acela. Volunteers who donated ingredients included: G. JoAnn Collins, Mary Fran Almquist, Linda Kamm, LaVonne Simon, Betty Gustafson, Margaret Van Ginkel, Vicki Jackson, Lisa Smith, Helen Sellers, Jodi Tymeson, Nancy Horn, Keith and Ethelee Osborn Tucker, Wanda Lohr, Shirley Wildin, Joan Acela, Mary Hart, and Carla Driskill. And, as a special treat, Carla also made tiny delicious muffins. 
County Fair: Those of you who went to the Literature Booth were able to admire the storage shed built by Gary Smith. Gary deserves a special “thanks” in that he not only donated the materials, he also provided the labor. Volunteers who served at the Literature Booth included: Helen Sellers, Betty Gustafson, LaVonne Simon, Jodi Tymeson, Mary Hart, Pat Harris, Lisa Smith, Lois Groth, Virginia Reed, Nancy Horn, Darrel Wildin, Shirley Wildin, Mary Lou Witt, Joan Acela, Vicki Jackson, Allison Acela, Shirley Henry, Betty Niblo, Jeanne Henrichsen, Linda Kamm, Mike Mahan, Bill Paull, Norma Wildin, G. JoAnn Collins, Ethelee O. Tucker, Craig Milligan, Charlotte Paull, and Heather Stancil. At the food booth, those who assisted in putting up the tent included Ken Callison, Bob Kaldenberg, Joe Van Ginkel, Gary Smith, Craig Milligan, Steve Raymond, Ron Kepford, and Bob Witt. Other volunteers for the food booth included Stan Gustafson, Betty Gustafson, Helen Sellers, Heidi Burhans, Ron Driskill, Bob Saylor, Jodi Tymeson, Mike Mahan, Sam Buck, Jullian Garrett, Charles Strawn, Audrey Strawn, Joan Acela, Vi Stowers, Jim Stalcup, Linda Kamm, Jim Rhoads, RoxAnn Rhoads, Chris Bertelson, Elizabeth Bertelson, Dave LaGrand, and Velma Van Scoy.  
RAGBRAI: Volunteers who helped Warren County Republicans with their food booth were: Ken Callison, Bob Kaldenberg, Craig Milligan, Joe Van Ginkel, and Paul Millhollen. 
Around the StateMadison County Republicans continue to be active in State politics, as well as local politics. Stan Gustafson has been meeting with various officials to push our “Get Out The Vote” program which is receiving Statewide recognition as being beneficial in electing Republicans across the State. Our most recent venture is in the Special Election in Iowa House District 90. Madison County Republicans who were willing to give up their Saturday afternoon(s) to assist in this election were: Ron Kepford, Ron Driskill, Joe Van Ginkel, Bob Kaldenberg, Stan Gustafson, Heather Stancil, Larry Smith, Chuck Strawn, Craig Milligan, Jodi Tymeson, Julian Garrett, and Bob Saylor. And a special “thank you” to their spousesJ
About Our Volunteers:  We have a very active, energetic group of volunteers in Madison County. There were 64 volunteers who participated in the above activities. That does not include those volunteers I overlooked and those people who participated in our fund raising activities by eating at our food booth and at the omelet feed, stopping by the literature booth to visit with our volunteers, cheering on our skillet throwing teams, and responding to our fund raising letter. At last count, we have received $2,040 from the fund raising letter alone. Gross receipts from the fair booth increased $1,153 over last year’s receipts. Your participation in our election process is very important, whether it’s attending the caucus, helping us “get out the vote”, voting, serving on committees, participating in activities, or cheering us on. Thank you for your participation.
America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." A.Lincoln